Technology News: How to unlock your Idea Net setter, BSNL 3g, Vodafone

Friday, 2 September 2011

How to unlock your Idea Net setter, BSNL 3g, Vodafone

It’s very simple to unlock your net setter/Dongle using Software. There are many free software available to unlock your Net Setter.
What you are requiring for Your USB modem?
1.      IMEI number of your USB modem :- It is printed on your modem from which you can directly get and enter.
2.      Software for Unlock your USB modem :- Here is to provide link for download this software and unzip.
This software is around 300 kb so it does not take much time.
Here is the link:

Paste your IMEI number in first software, within a second you will get your unlock code.

In second software you can directly unlock your USB modem-It is detect directly USB modem and then press Unlock button your USB is unlock instantly.

Both are safe and secure. Doesn’t corrupt anything.

Through this technique you can unlock this type of modem.

Huawei E156C, Huawei E155, Huawei E155X, Huawei E156G, Huawei E160,Huawei E160E,Huawei E160G,Huawei E161,Huawei E166, Huawei E166G,Huawei E169,Huawei E169G,Huawei E170,Huawei E170G,Huawei E172, Huawei E172G,Huawei E176,Huawei E180,Huawei E180S,Huawei E180G,Huawei E181,Huawei E182,Huawei E182E,Huawei E196,Huawei E216,Huawei E219,Huawei E226,Huawei E230,Huawei E270,Huawei E271,Huawei E272,Huawei E510,Huawei E612,Huawei E618,Huawei E620,Huawei E630,Huawei E660,Huawei E800,Huawei E870,Huawei E880,Huawei EG162,Huawei EG162G,Huawei EG602,Huawei EG602G,Huawei E1550,Huawei E1551,Huawei E1552,Huawei E1553,Huawei E1609,Huawei E1612,Huawei E1615,Huawei E1616,Huawei E1630,Huawei E1632,Huawei E1690,Huawei E1692,Huawei E1803,Huawei E1820,Huawei S4011,Huawei K3517,Huawei K3520,Huawei K3710,Huawei UMG181,Huawei EM770,Vodafone K2540,Vodafone K3250,Vodafone K3512,Vodafone K3515, Vodafone K3520,Vodafone K3565,Vodafone K3715,Vodafone E3735


abhishek said...

how to unlock e173 modem

Anonymous said...

second software link not working

Anonymous said...

what next after getting code

Prabhat Tyagi said...

how to unlock EC159

Anonymous said...

what next after getting code

Shivraj Gawandi said...

how to unlock tata docomo MF 190usb modem

bhama said...

If anyone was unable to unlock your modem through the above method means try any one of the online unlocking service provider like Here you can unlock your modem by network unlock code at low cost.

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